Birthday: Celebrating God’s Amazing Grace at 50!

Birthday: Celebrating God’s Amazing Grace at 50!

It was almost 4pm, Funke was caught in traffic! And she still has a lot to do before church service starts, a lot of people do not know the lady that ensures that all was set, but they always meet the church premises clean, the whole place well swept, the chairs dusted , the flowers well arranged… Today was not going to be an exception; Funke always ensures she finishes on time before service starts…and that nobody sees her because she believes her services are unto GOD and not unto men.

Finally she got to church and luck was on her side, she finished cleaning up before any church member was in view. Thank God for the clouds, it looked like it was going to rain; a lot of church folks came in late because of the rain.
Bro.Felix was the Sunday school superintendent of the church and since he started teaching the word, the Lord has really blessed him and now he thinks he is ready to get the blessing of proverb 18v 22. He has been thinking of sis. Funke for a while now, looking at her you would know she is a virtuous woman, she loves God and the things of God, she has worked in different departments of the church and looking at her , he knew she was the one… but he has not told God about it to get the final approval.

And there she was, smiling…he was surprised…their eyes met and she smiled…Praise God! For the first time, sis. Funke smiled at him today…he has to share this testimony…he thought to himself…for a while now, he has been thinking if he has offended sis. Funke, she has never smiled at him, he wonders why….
The service started with praise and worship… then the pastor called out for anyone that wants to share their testimony, Bro. Felix just couldn’t help it, he raised up his hand and shared with Gods people the miracle of the day…’how sis. Funke smiled…” when he came out, he explained to the church that even though it doesn’t look like a big deal to them, he want to thank God that sis. Funke smiled… while sharing this on the altar, At the second row, of the left side of the church where sis. Funke sat, she was embarrassed, she felt something in her heart and her heart skipped a beat…she does not want to believe she liked Bro. Felix, even at that…he must not know…as she thought to herself…and frowned…

The church service ended, it was an awesome service…sis. Funke was sooo excited and there he was Bro. Felix coming along her way…she quickly took a detour to the pastor’s office to help with the ushers that was counting the offering of the day….
She had always have the flair for the things of God, her mum can’t comprehend why, her dad has always been supportive as usual… but in all her fantasies and dreams, she never wished to marry a pastor, it never crossed her mind or ever thought it could happen…

That was how it started….
On her first trip to Akure, sis. Funke just woke up from sleep after a tiring day and she heard a knock on her door, it was his fiancé, Bro.Felix…the weather was a perfect one to sit outside with the fresh air blowing…so they sat outside under the shade as they began to discuss their future together…and then he asked her, ‘what kind of a house would you like to have’? And she was quick to respond the way she has always wanted it….’ Just me and my husband….no disturbance, if anybody wants to come for visit, they have to book an appointment and get permission as well…she was sooo carried away with her fantasy, that she did not notice the bewildered look on his face, he was surprised but he decided to let her finish her wishful thinking…and when she was through, he told her about their future home… what it would look like, how he was going to plant flowers and most especially the fact that it would be a nest for other people to rest. Funke just couldn’t believe her ears, is this what she would be signing in for? She thought to herself….she has always been a private person….so she just smiled….hoping that his own dream won’t come to reality…. It is not that Funke does not want to help people; she just doesn’t see herself as a ‘people person’

Despite her reservations and their differences, they got married and due to the church doctrine where they worship, Funke was not allowed to wear the wedding gown that she ordered from England because the pastor told her that “souls were perishing”. She had to wear a cocoa sack gown with a pneumonia scarf and she didn’t wear any make up…this was not her dream wedding… (She cried silently) the only consolation was the handsome man that was walking down the aisle with her…

She wonders If he couldn’t see how ugly she looks, and how bare her face was…but anytime she looks into those wonderful eyes, it was full with admiration and love, she got lost in them as it washed all her fears and her worries of how ugly she looks away…. Getting married to the most God fearing and handsome man on earth was the best thing that has ever happened to her…

Few months after the wedding, reality dawned on Funke; it was more or less like what Job said in the bible, that ‘what he feared most has befallen him… ‘ The first shocker was the fact that Bro.Felix did not outgrow the kind of friends he had before they got married…and even God will understands her reservation about these friends… chei! As she sat down thinking about it, hahan, can’t Felix just look for his kind or level and make friends with them, what is he doing with mechanics and the rest of them like that for crying out loud! Even if you are described as down to earth, you don’t have to go all the way down before people know that you are a meek person. No matter how much she wished things would get better it only got worse as Bro. Felix enjoys associating with different kinds of people. Both the low and the high, and he relates with them on the same level. He was truly a good and godly man…

She can never forget the day one of his friends came visiting, this one especially was not her favorite at all…aside the fact that he has a bad dentition, he likes coming especially when he knows she has prepared her husband’s meal. She can’t even imagine them eating from the same plate not to talk of the same spoon…and to think she was still going to kiss her husband…kia! No it will never happen!

But on this fateful day, luck was not on her side because as she finished serving her husband, she heard this friend knocking and calling her husband’s name, trust Funke, she hurriedly took the food inside the room and told her husband that she would not allow that dirty friend of his to eat from her sweat, he was the only one that was going to enjoy the meal…, smiling to herself for successfully preventing her husband’s friend from eating, her joy was cut short after some few minutes when she heard her husband screaming her name from the sitting room , beckoning her to bring the food. Arrrgggggghhhh, that was when she realized that she either accept this man the way he is and try n love his friends and accommodate them as best as she could…

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  • Ojo Modupe Reply

    Oh……… rolling on the floor ooo…….Woman of God I love u……I love u & I love u to bits…..I wish to meet u one on one.

    October 13, 2013 at 2:29 pm
  • Blessed Reply

    Hahaha! It is rare for me to burst out laughing – out loud – while reading a blog but this made me laugh. Cocoa gown and pneumonia scarf, and not going all the way down for people to know one is meek! Hilarious. God bless you

    January 2, 2014 at 9:02 am
  • Henry Reply

    mummy i love u.
    i can’t laugh oh.

    August 2, 2014 at 7:54 am

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