Praise is a mystery!When you have fasted and the situation seems to remain the same, then you know it is time to switch to the weapon of thanksgiving!

People say those who do things that count don’t stop to count them. This is not true. God not only allows us to count, but also to number our blessings. Spare me your glory if you won’ttell to me your story!You should be able to recount the things God has done in your life; how He has brought you from trash to treasure.


Psalm 113:7 He raises the poor out of the dust, And lifts the needy out of the ash heap, 8 That He may seat him with princes— With the princes of His people.

There are two sets of people you find at the top: the “princes” and the “raised”!They can be differentiated by the manner in which they praise God. The “princes” praise God like they are doing Him a favour while the “raised” thank God without reservations! They give Him a“CRAZY” kind of praise!

The “raised” recognize that ingrates are inmates, imprisoned by their ingratitude. If you ever visit a prison then you would realize that freedom is a gift.

Thoughtful people are you thankful people. If you are thankful, your tank will be full!


The reason God cannot promote some people is because they cannot handle the blessing as the blessing will take them away from God. Success is more difficult to manage than failure. Don’t tell me you’re humble until certain things are in your life like power!


Thanksgiving is a multiplier. It is my secret! Praise God today in a crazy way! When you cannot trace God (when you cannot comprehend what is going on) praise Him! With few prayer points but plenty of praise. In your office, at your home, remember what God has done and praise Him longer than the number of praise reports that come to mind. Just keep thanking Him!


David was a man given to praise. He is the only man in the Old Testament that operated as a King, a Priest and a Prophet. In Psalm 22, he described the Crucifixion, Psalm 23 Jesus’ death (valley of the shadow of death) and Psalm 24 His resurrection (lift up your head O ye gates).Recently, Israel celebrated 3000 years of David’s conquest of Jerusalem. A man died 3000 years ago and he still speaks! His tomb is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Holy City. In contrast, the hill upon which Saul died has a barren summit, the only bare hilltop in Jerusalem.


However, David was not perfect. 2 Sam 11:11 describes a true Jew, a good man- the soldier Uriah whom David killed to cover up his sins. God sent a prophet to David and he repented.The amazing part is that God actually forgave him! I call this the impartial partiality of God.

May God be partial to you!


David was distinguished because he understood the weapon of thanksgiving!When the Ark was returned to Israel, David stopped at every 18 feet to sacrifice to God, recounting every victory that God had given him.

While David danced to God Michal criticized him. In this same manner, there are people in the house of God who are supervisors;while others are praising and dancing they are busy criticizing.


It is possible that we could be age mates but not “grace mates”! I made up my mind that my mates would be rare, my type would be scarce. When I die, I will not die as a woman, I will die as an institution. It is the same with my praise- you cannot out-praise me! It doesn’t matter what you are going though, sing to God. Celebrate the same way you would when the breakthrough comes.

There are people who are not happy that you are happy. If only you can see that a lot of battles take place between the gate of your house and your place of work!Praise Him today like you have never done before.

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  • adebo micheal Reply

    This message has really touched my life nd help me to become a better person…Thank you so much Rev Funke felix adejumo

    April 27, 2014 at 6:34 pm

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