Do you already have a Child (Children)? Are You A Mother?

This audio is a prayer session from a recent Womens’ Summit that was conducted by Rev. Mrs. Funke-Felix Adejumo (see the picture). The summit was held at Harvest House Christian Center, Ibadan and I have to tell you that this session was powerful. Now, I’m neither married nor do I have children but I prayed those prayers just as hard. Who says I can’t pray into my future?

So, even if you are not married, you can still listen to it, keep an eye on your future home, and send the word of God to go ahead of you.

I found this message to be very eye opening, so many things that women take for granted or overlook were addressed. Whatever situation your children are facing, or that you are encountering in your home, this might just be the breakthrough you need.

The purpose of this blog is to impact lives and preach the word of God and so I found it necessary to share this audio with you. I want the very best for all my readers and so trust me when I say this is definitely one message you don’t want to ignore. So. without further ado, I leave it to you. Click the play button and I pray that you will have victory in Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. olayoju - arikawe Aishatu. O.
    olayoju - arikawe Aishatu. O. says:

    Beautiful message ma. D Lord will keep u as u preach his words. I’m truly blessed. I’m a mother of a 6yrs old daughter n ve been praying for another child. I join my faith wit other women n believe dat God will open his doors 4 us all in jesus name aaaaaamen.

    • Ade ajileye
      Ade ajileye says:

      I was in your situation not too long ago. Bit our God is faithful I have 3 children today. Tears come heart when I see the greatness of our God. This will be your testimony soon in Jesus name

  2. Sipepelo Ngole
    Sipepelo Ngole says:

    I have three children 23, 16 and 5 years old and I believe it is only God who can mould me into the mother I ought to be.

    • Bunmi Taiwo-Adebo
      Bunmi Taiwo-Adebo says:

      This is a strong message for we mothers,its an eye opener.The prayer points are strong and powerful.we will not labor in vain in the mighty name of Jesus.We women need more of this.I really enjoyed it.God bless you too.

  3. Omotola Elizabeth Ademoji
    Omotola Elizabeth Ademoji says:

    A power message and Prayer that must be heard by every woman and Man. Powerfully Preached. May God in His infinate mercy bless U ma. And also continue to uplift u and strengthen u may all that has been said be heard and taken to the Room of Grace and stamp and seeled by Father God In Jesus mighty name. Amen

  4. Olubukola Ajibode
    Olubukola Ajibode says:

    I got ds audio msg on my son’s birthday n it really gave me an oppotunity to pray more for him. May d Lord continue to increase His annointing upon Pastor Funke Adejumo. I’m a single mother but trusting God for a good marriage

  5. taiwo Ojikutu
    taiwo Ojikutu says:

    God bless you ma,the prayer was indeed needed,although am not married yet but trusting God that His will alone be done in my life.May your Oil never run dry in Jesus Name

  6. Oh my God.
    Oh my God. says:

    Was really blessed by your teaching when you ministered in our church in the UK. God Bless you Ma. You are a true blessing indeed.

  7. Phyllis Analogbei
    Phyllis Analogbei says:

    My mentor,a mother in insreal.Welldone.That was a powerfull message.I was cooking and listening to it hmm what else do I need for the day.keep going ma more oil afresh in Jesus Name.We are looking forward to london Mother submi 2014.

  8. deacness aisha ime-jmes
    deacness aisha ime-jmes says:

    This full package of blessing. It touches the heart of a woman and every issue that seems to affect us greatly. You drove in some home truth. Thank you so much ma! I love you

  9. yetunde
    yetunde says:

    A friend forwarded this message to me and I was so blessed and inspired after listening to makes me ten feets tall, fulfilled nd confident that my childrens are fully secured in christ. More annointing upon u ma.

  10. Olufunso Olamiji
    Olufunso Olamiji says:

    God bless you m. As you have made yourself available for His use, The Lord will be there anytime you call upon Him.
    You & your entire family will not be cut off suddenly and your sun will not go down in the mist of your life in the mighty name of Jesus.

  11. aniema bandipo
    aniema bandipo says:

    Thank you soooo much ma’am for opening our eyes in the area of those very important things we just take for granted. I love the prayer points. May Our Almighty God continue to increase His Grace upon your life and ministry. IJN. Amen.

  12. Lade Afolabi
    Lade Afolabi says:

    This is a powerful message and prayer. I know by the powerful anointing from God you are using to minister to the women, He has answered and He has used you to bless millions of us who has listened and prayed along. I pray God will continue to pour more anointing on you, your ministry in Jesus name.

  13. Julianah 'Remi Amuzu
    Julianah 'Remi Amuzu says:

    thank you ma, this is a good prayer for women indeed, God bless you and you will eat the fruit of your labour in Jesus name Amen. Shalom.


    God bless u Ma for this prayer points. It really serves as a blessing to me, please do you also hold the same summit in Lagos, please if yes, copuld you please abreast me. With the information od the date, venue and time of the summit, because i’ll like to atten it Ma.

  15. Ikupiti Abidemi
    Ikupiti Abidemi says:

    Hmmm, what a master piece, a due word in due season. Where can one get the message and other mothers summit messages from Rev Funke

  16. Ortega
    Ortega says:

    I listened to you message this morning. I got it from a friend & I really felt great after. You are a very blessed & powerful woman of God.

  17. T. Motunrayo karimu-Kayode
    T. Motunrayo karimu-Kayode says:

    I’m highly blessed with ur message and those Prayer points. U will continue to grow from strength to strength IJN amen.
    Plz let me know when U will be doing a program like this thru my mail address, I will like to attend. Thanking U and ur Team. God bless

  18. Omofolashade
    Omofolashade says:

    Thsnks very much, this is beautiful and i love it. Those prayers are powerful and i bless God. Please ma, can i invutr you to my church in Birmingham, United Kingdom anytime you are in UK? I JUST LOVE IT MA. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU FOR US IN JESUS NAME.

  19. Mrs Ayodeji
    Mrs Ayodeji says:

    Its a powerful pray,The Lord will continue to increase ur anointing ma,I pray God in His infinite Mercy will bless me wt my own children n urs will nt die suddenly…….AMEN

  20. Orenuga Miriam Nkeiruka
    Orenuga Miriam Nkeiruka says:

    God bless you ma for such an inspiring and eye opening prayer session.
    Please will this summit be held in Lagos any time soon?

  21. Omolara Olufunke ibekwe
    Omolara Olufunke ibekwe says:

    My husband met you in Austria in a church , we both covet that fresh oil that is running through you. We are blessed.

  22. Adewole Odeneye
    Adewole Odeneye says:

    I am blessed to have received this message.
    I prayed this prayer and am relieved. May the Lord Almighty bless you ma and thank you for this powerful message and prayers.

  23. Abimbola Akosile
    Abimbola Akosile says:

    I pray for you ma,that as you continue,the presence of God will never depart from you. More annointing and more grace

  24. Olanike Bejide
    Olanike Bejide says:

    Rev Funke Felix-Adejumo, I just want to bless God for your life and family.
    You will forever be blessings in this generation and beyond in Jesus name.Amen.
    The message and prayer sessions were fantastic and spirit-filled.
    I bless God that has already answered everything by fire and
    I blessed God for the privilege I have to be a partaker.
    I also pray for my pastor’s wife that forwarded the link to me
    ” God will remember you and your family for good ma in Jesus name. Amen. Olanike Bejide.UK

  25. Dee Bob- Nabena
    Dee Bob- Nabena says:

    The Lotd Bless & keep you ma .. May His face continually shine over you & family & ministry .. Amen
    I met with you today for the first time via the sharing of your prayers at a women’s summit in Ibadan. Wow… I was transformed by such knowledge & authority that I jumped out of my bed & payed in my room, in my shower & on my way to work. I was so touched by the prayers … I shared your page / prayers with over 200 women in the space of two hours & also posted this on my FB page. Thank you Jesus for raising up an amazing daughter at this end time.. Thank you Daddy Lord.
    Houston , Texas

  26. Deaconess Eminowa
    Deaconess Eminowa says:

    Thanks so much my own mother in Israel for the powerful mesg .and prayers.Indeed you ate a great Blessin g to your generation .

  27. Eunice Ola
    Eunice Ola says:

    This is powerful. I bless the woman of God for this timely message. I pray heaven is your exceeding great reward.
    I will use this prayer throughout my life time and passed it generations after me.
    Women lets keep spreading it together we will destroy works of satan over everything that belongs to us.
    God bless you pastor funkefelix Adejumo.

    JOAN OJUOLA says:

    This really spoke to me. I am ever so appreciative of Ministers like this who have yielded themselves to be used by God for this end time harvest. Thanks so much ma. You are surely a blessing in this generation.

  29. Adekunbi Champion
    Adekunbi Champion says:

    Awesome, a very timely message, God continue to bless you and yours ma, you will live long to eat the fruits of all your children in Jesus name…

  30. Rebecca Oghale -OLUGUA
    Rebecca Oghale -OLUGUA says:


  31. Esther Motunrayo Odubiyi
    Esther Motunrayo Odubiyi says:

    This a wonderful message for all mothers, ever time I listen to it, its new. God bless you ma. A ko ni se lasan o, a tun wa fu ijona orun se ere je ni oruko Jesu(Amin).

  32. jumoke
    jumoke says:

    The message is an eye opener to me as a mother . I learnt new prayer point . May God continue to bless u and enlarge ur ministry. Amen.

  33. remi okubote
    remi okubote says:

    Pls where is the play button to press, I can’t find any. I want to also enjoy what u all are enjoying. Pls help. Thank u

  34. Iyabode Enemokwu
    Iyabode Enemokwu says:

    What a powerful message and prayer points!. May God continually have mercy upon us and our children. May our prayers and supplications be accepted and may d joy of the Lord continually be your strenght IJN. IYABODE UK

  35. Adebola
    Adebola says:

    The preaching is perfect and I am grately blessed. Am going to listen to it and use it has prayer section. May the Almighty God continue to bless u ma and perfect all that concerns you. Amen

  36. Atinuke
    Atinuke says:

    What a great and timely message.It is apowerful session in the presence of God. The Lord will continue to increase his anointing on your life.Amen

    • Olayinka
      Olayinka says:

      Mummy your blessings shall know no end IJN. These are very very powerful and prophetic prayers, every mothers should have the grace of blessing their children with these prayers. We need more of this. God bless you and increase you with more wisdom. Amen
      I am looking for the opportunity to be able to invite you to our church but we are a small church. I am always blessed by your ministrations anytime, anywhere
      God bless you ma


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